Grading Policy:

  • Labs/Activities        15%

  • Homework               10%

  • Test/Quiz                 35%

  • Projects                   20%

  • Portfolio                   10%

  • Science Journal       10% 

Total         100%


 *Bonus assignments will be available on a continuous basis and can account for up to 10% of a student’s grade each marking period.

Homework - Homework will be written on the board each class.  Homework will also be available on the class website. Students are responsible to hand in homework at the beginning of science class.  Students who miss a class can refer to the “homework assignments on the class website”.  Missing homework will affect student grades.  (10%)


Tests/Quizzes- All quizzes and tests will be announced in advance.  Quizzes will be given every few weeks and will cover the previous few weeks work.  The lowest quiz grade will be dropped each marking period.  A mid-term and final exam will also be taken by all students. (35%)


Projects - Four projects will be completed in science class this year, one per marking period.  Students will be given one copy of  the project and the information will also be detailed on the class website.  Each project will reflect topics covered in class and enable students to further explore and show their knowledge.  Projects must be turned in by the due date in order to reflect on their report card and to receive full credit. (20%)


Portfolio – Students will be required to keep science portfolios to demonstrate the skills they have learned in class.  Students will be required to bring in a pocket folder to be used as their portfolio. Students will be required to place a number of items in their portfolio, such as exams, projects, labs and items the student feels shows their development and understanding of science. (10%)


Science Journal - Students are required to keep an organized and neat notebook.  Two notebooks will be utilized in science class.  One will be used for labs and kept in class until the end of the year.  The other will be used for class notes, textbook work, studying and writing down homework and other assignments.  Notebooks will be checked weekly.  (10%)


Labs/Activities - Participation - Class attendance is required and students are encouraged to contribute to class discussion. Participation is the key to a lively class. 15% of the course grade will depend upon contributions to our class sessions. Class participation provides the opportunity to practice speaking and persuasive skills, as well as the ability to listen. Comments that are vague, repetitive, unrelated to the current topic, disrespectful of others, or without sufficient foundation will be evaluated negatively. (15%)


Attendance - Students are expected to be on time for class. Class attendance is required in order for students to contribute to their assigned team and to the class. If a student arrives late, they are expected to come with a note and to enter the room quietly without disrupting the flow of class.


Field Trips Several field trips will be planned this year.  Students will need to have a permission slip signed before the due date.  Students will be given one copy.  If it is misplaced, they may visit the class web site to print another one.



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