2016/2017 6th Grade Science Welcome Letter is attached: 

Student Expectations/Rules:

1)      Follow directions quickly.

2)      Raise your hand for permission to speak or to leave your seat.

3)      Listen while others are speaking.

4)      Make smart choices!

5)      Respect everyone!


6)      Keep you dear teacher happy! I am happy when all my students are learning and enjoying science class! I’m not happy when someone makes it difficult for other students to learn!



Students are responsible to hand in homework at the beginning of science class.  Students who miss a class can refer to the “homework assignments on the class website”.  Missing homework will affect student grades.


All quizzes and tests will be announced in advance.  Quizzes will be given every two weeks and will cover the previous two weeks work.  A mid-term and final exam will also be taken by all students.


Four projects will be completed in science class this year, one per marking period.  Students will be given one copy of  the project and the information will also be detailed on the class website.  Each project will reflect topics covered in class and enable students to further explore and show their knowledge.  Projects must be turned in by the due date in order to reflect on their report card and to receive full credit.

During science class students work in teams to  investigate a number of science topics in the 6th grade science curriculum.   All students are encouraged to work cooperativetly developing appropriate social skills to enhance their high school, college and career development.


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